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Etruscan-Central Italian (late 2nd – early 1st century B.C.)

Semi-plastic terracotta votive head smaller than life size of a youth with rich curly hair which also wells out below the ears and at the side of the cheeks. He wears the toga by Roman ritus pulled over the head (capite velato). This characteristic is primarily seen at votive heads from the Etruscan-Central Italian sacred sites, which were in the Roman area of influence (cp. Lavinio, Rome Minerva Medica and Capua). The head to be described corresponds to Comella‘s type A4 to A5. Our proposed date is based on the one hand on the temporal allocation of types A4 and A5 by Comella, and on the other hand on the neoclassic style of the head, which is typical for Late Hellenism and the time of the Roman Empire around the time of the birth of Christ. This votive head seems to be a progenitor in style of the type as almost Augustian by Erika Simon in the Kurashiki Ninagawa Museum.

The creation of such heads in a model definitely excludes the probability to be an individual portrait. Therefore, as a basic principle, Etruscan and Etruscan-Central Italian votive heads are allocated to the anatomic votive coroplastics. Because no signs of illness are found on such votive heads their deposition in sacred sites suggests another option. The donor personally identifies himself with the votive offering, based on a classic version. When Juncker compares the Comella type A5 with the Paris interpretation of Euphranor, this exemplar reminds us, along with the classic representations of young men and athletes, primarily on the Apollo statues from the eastern frieze of the Parthenon because of the curls below the ears.

EUR 6,500

29 cm


Private collection USA

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