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Urnfield period, 1000-950 BC

Two extremely distinctive cups with an outward-curving lip, cylindrical neck and undecorated shoulder. Embossed ridges and omphalos form a ring stand. On the body of one cup, there are five rows of an embossed dot pattern. In the style of the Jenišovice-Kirkendrup cup, previously decorated. The cups were discovered as a pair. They could also form part of an even larger archaeological deposit of vessels. Such treasure troves are typical for the late Urnfield era. Cups of this type are also accompanied by highly decorated situlae, elaborate bucket-shaped vessels. Therefore, we can also assume that bronze cups like these were reserved to be used only by the upper classes in Bronze Age Europe. They were also used at ritual or other celebratory symposia.

Interestingly, expensive bronze tableware was often in use for much longer, but nevertheless was consigned to the earth still in very good condition. Why did people willingly relinquish such luxury Bronze Age items as these? What were their reasons? Were they afraid of being looted? Were the vessels gifts to the gods?

The main area across which the Jenišovice/Kirkendrup cups are distributed extends over France, Switzerland, Germany, Bohemia and into the Carpathian Basin. The most northerly archaeological find of a cup of this type was in Denmark. In the Carpathian Basin, the highest concentration of archaeological objects was found in Hungary.

3.500 EUR

Die Bronzegefäße in Ungarn
Die Bronzegefäße in der Slowakei
found in "Handbuch der Vorgeschichte"

Private collection in London, acquired in 1985

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