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Thebes, 25th Dynasty, late Kushitic (675-665 B.C.)

This Ptah-Sokar-Osiris statuette belongs to the masterpieces of late Kushitic artisans in Thebes. The green face represents fertility and reincarnation. The fine painting of the eyes gives the statuette a peaceful aura. The formula on the front side is known from other statuettes of such type. However, the divine beard is missing. On the rear side is a three-row formula which also mentions the owner’s name.

This statuette was manufactured for a high-ranking woman of the former times in Thebes. This is supported by the fact that Osiris is represented in the robe of a goddess. The name Ta-Amun-pa-seneb can be translated as “belonging to Amun, the strong“. The name is not frequent but known from a sarcophagus in the Liverpool Museum, which is to be assessed from the same time and region as the statuette described here.



Private collection USA

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