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Christian Jürgensen Thomsen developed a three age system, dividing the European and Mediterranean Pre and Early history into Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. According to this system, the Bronze Age is the period of history during which metal objects were mostly forged from bronze. In Central Europe, this middle period of the three age system extends from 2200 to 800 BC and is divided into three eras named after the respective prevalent burial rites: crouched inhumations, tumuli and urn fields.

From the beginning, our gallery’s assortment included important objects from the Bronze Age and the following Hallstatt culture (Iron Age).
Among other things, we were able to broker a unique cap helmet from the urn field culture (complete with cheek plates) to a private collection and a large pendant decorated with wheels and suns of the Hungarian Piliny culture to a national archeology collection.

Furthermore, thanks to our collaboration, the second largest hoard of vessels from the late Bronze Age in Central Europe, the hoard of Altenfließ near Brandenburg, is now in the possession of a museum, more than one hundred years after being discovered.



Cap helmet with cheek pieces
13th/12th century BC

Protective leg spirals
11th/10th century BC

Hoard of Altenfließ near Brandenburg
1080 to 950 BC

Bell helmet
1000 BC

Dagger with a solid hild
18th/17th century BC

Situla of the Hajdúböszörmény type
1050 to 950 BC

Two-piece bow fibula 
1050 to 880 BC

Bell helmet
1000 BC

Conical Bell helmet
 12th/11th century BC

Ribbed pendant of type Kisterenye
15th/13th century BC

Bronze dagger of the italian type III
18th/17th century BC

East celtic bronze helmet
3rd century BC

Large hollow bead
Hallstatt culture (750-550 BC)

Necklace from the bronze age
European Middle Bronze Age (1550-1450 BC)

Monumental wendelring
Urnfield culture (11th/10th century BC)

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