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European Middle Bronze Age (1550-1450 B.C.)

Necklace from Tumulus Bronze Age, consisting of a large, corrugated heart pendant as well as of eight disc ornaments (Stachelscheibe) as pendants. The cast disc ornaments have a characteristic decoration of two to four wide spread ribs. The suspension attachment consists of a tongue rolled backwards. The heart pendants were manufactured in one-side two-shell casting. Their rear side is flat and smooth, the front side is ribbed. The suspension tongue which is also rolled back is only partly decorated with ribs. The centre bar which combines the top pendant section with the small bent arms has a roof-shaped cross-section and the shape of an inverted Y.

Both pendant shapes are typical for the transition phase from the early to the older Tumulus age. They seem to have their origin in the area of the Carpathian Mountains and then spread across the adjacent regions. It is the subject of discussions whether such pendants only served for decoration or their shapes come from a specific set of symbols.
This is a very rare necklace of a lady from the Middle Bronze Age of a high social position. The Middle Bronze Age in central Europe in the absolute chronology lasted approx. from 1600 B.C to 1300 B.C. Due to the characteristic tumuli in that period this is also referred to as Tumulus culture.

EUR 2,500

Stringed in a modern way

Private collection Germany

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