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Hallstatt age (750-550 B.C.)

Large, cast hollow bead (bracelet), the ends of which are decorated with three plastic ribs. This object can be categorised as a so-called “special form of type A” according to Sigrid Schacht. This is a variant widespread in Eastern Pomerania, manufactured as investment casting in the lost wax technique. Investment casting is a process where the object is at first shaped in wax, provided with casting channels, sheathed and then cast. This is also referred to as lost wax technique. The hollow bead is generally a phenomenon of the Bronze and Iron Age. It is found in depots between Denmark, Poland and Thuringia.

The development of this sausage-shape bracelets made of bronze, which requires significant technical skills in casting and copper processing is still unexplained. Their casting moulds are found in the entire range of distribution. The rings have an oval, round, or D-shaped cross-section, which in individual cases is also triangular. Generally their diameter is approx. 15 cm. One of the oldest findings is from the year 1856 from Schlöben in Thuringia. This exemplar may be dated to the Pomerellian face urn culture. This culture, which has its name from the urns designed with faces, settled during the early Iron Age in the region of Pomerania.


HEIGHT: 7 cm

Completely intact

Private collection Austria

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