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Ancient Greek culture, most of all the Classical period, strongly influenced the development of European civilization. Poetry, philosophy, stone and bronze sculptures as well as art and handcrafts reached their peak during this period – a peak that according to many experts will never be reached again. In addition to Attic artefacts and objects from other Greek cultures, our gallery also offers pieces from the Southern Italian colonies. 



Antifex with head of Silenus
Tarent (late 5th to early 4th century BC)

Head of a young man
Late hellenistic (2nd century BC)

Bell crater by the Caivano painte
Campanian (350-325 BC)

Handle attachement
Late archaic (approx. 500 BC)

Calyx krater with golden decorations
Campanian (350-340 BC)

Black Figured Lekythos
475 BC

Ring askos by the Roccanova-Painter
Fluid Group, 2nd half 4th century BC

Red figured bell krater by the Filottrano Painter
350-340 BC

Faliscan skyphos of Group I
320-300 BC

Red figured bell krater by Python
350-340 BC

Amphora by the Baltimore-Painter
Apulian (330-310 BC)

Gorgo Medusa Antefix
Tarent (450-425 BC)

Pair of column kraters
Apulian (340-330 BC)

Bellkrater by th Python-Silen Group
Paestanian (350-340 BC)

Oinochoi by the Baltimore-Painter
Canosa (315-310 BC)

Sima Slabs of the Düver Frieze
(3rd quater of 6th century BC)

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