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Egyptian, Macedonian-Ptolemaic Dynasty (332-31 B.C.)

The statuette, made with attention to detail from Nile sludge and emmer corresponds to the “New Osiris Burial type” (according to M.J. Raven). This rare type with balanced proportions which was also made of terracotta represents the god Osiris due to some characteristics. The determining factors for this allocation are, along with a three-piece wig and divine beard, primarily the ithyphallic design of the figure. Comparable pieces prove that the details of the face such as the eyes and eyebrows were originally filled with copper and glass. The figure is manufactured as a two-piece form and was wrapped with linen. Colour residues such as e.g. green in the face of our exemplar suggest that such figures had been originally painted.


The presentation of the ityphallic Osiris in the form of a mummy and the presence of emmer in our exemplar associated the “New Osiris Burial type” with the grain mummies. Raven tries to explain in the Dendera texts why exemplars of this type are also known to be made of terracotta. Accordingly, the popular grain mummies could correspond to the Khenty-Ament figures mentioned in the Dendera texts and the “New Osiris Burial type” might be described there with the term krh sps. It is certain that this type, which had not been subject to i8nvestigation, is a local type of a grain Osiris, which was used during the annual Khoiak festival.


23 cm


Private collection France

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