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Northern Europe, 1800-1700 B.C.

Flintstone daggers undoubtedly represent the high point of the Northern European flintstone industry. The high quality specimens are still being discussed from a technological, functional and even social point of view. Based on older typologies (Müller, 1902; Forssander, 1936), E. Lomborg (1973) divided the Scandinavian flint daggers into six main types and several subtypes. Features of the handle were primarily of importance in this regard. The different types are also based on chorological differences (Ebbesen, 1975; Rasmussen, 1990; Vandkilde, 1996). According to Lomborg, the dagger to be described corresponds to type V. Characteristic features of type V daggers are the absence of central seams and the pointed oval cross-section of the handle and the end of the handle. Variant Va (Lei 105) has a flat, straight or diagonally cut handle end.

The increase in the quality of the Early Bronze Age flint daggers of type III-V indicates a flowering of flint processing. The emergence of early Bronze Age metallurgy and its competition with stone tool manufacture is the obvious reason for the quality improvement of traditional flint stone processing.

The Early Bronze Age flint daggers in Scandinavia and Northern Germany are to be considered a reaction of the Nordic stone equipment manufacturers to the emergence of metal daggers. The importance of the metal daggers for the prehistoric population on the threshold of the Bronze Age can be guessed from depictions of full grip daggers on stone steles in the Alpine region. The functional advantages of the metal daggers were still limited compared to the flint daggers.

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The use of Baltic flintstone on the threshold of the Bronze Age

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