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Egyptian artworks not only influenced classical antiquity but are of great importance for art to this day. Since 2011, our gallery also offers objects from this traditional field of collection. The highlight so far was a predynastic vase with the serekh of the pharaoh Hedjw-Hor (3300-3100 BC) which we were able to broker to a private collector. Furthermore, a corn mummy with old French collection labels and inventory numbers was purchased through our gallery. 

These labels and other indications allow the presumption that this rare artefact was brought to France at the time of Napoleon Bonaparte’s campaign to Egypt. Should this prove to be the case, the mummy at hand might be one of the few examples whose appearance in Europe awakened the scientific interest in corn mummies and in the Koiak rites to which they are associated.

Our offers of Egyptian artefacts range from the predynastic era to the Egyptian culture in Roman times.



Wooden statuette of a baker
Middle Kingdom, begin of the 12. Dyn. (1991-1888 BC)

Wooden statuette of Horus 
Ptolemaic dynasty (323-30 BC)

Cultus scene 
Coptic (6th/7th century BC)

Corn mummy in a wooden sarcophagus with a falcon’s head
Ptolemaic dynasty (323-30 BC)

Corn mummy in a wooden sarcophagus with a falcon’s head
Ptolemaic dynasty (323-30 BC)

Wooden model of a kitchen
Middle Kingdom, begin of the Twelfth Dyn. (1991-1888 BC)

Female mummy mask 
ptolemaic dynasty (323-30 BC)

Ptolemaic dynasty (323-30 BC)

Neolithic grain scythe
Faiyum A culture (5200 BC)

Wooden stele for Re Horakhty
(946-714 BC)

Wood model of a man ploughing
(1991-1785 BC)

Ushabti for Shed-Su-Hor
Third Intermediate Period, 21st Dynasty (1080-946 BC)

Ushabti for Djed-Khonsu-Iuf-Ankh
Third Intermediate Period, 21st Dynasty (1080-946 BC)

Head of Bes
Ptolemaic dynasty (332-31 BC)

Grain amphoriskos
Negade II - Negade III (3200-3000 BC)

Falcon-headed sarcophagus
Ptolemaic dynasty (332-31 BC)

Model of a Granary with scribe
Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty (1991-1785 BC)

Stele of the type „Standing boy in a niche“
Antinoopolis (4th/5th century AD)

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