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(late type I according to Andrén), South Etruscan (approx. 550 B.C.)

Archaic woman’s head antefix, from the type to be allocated today’s Cerveteri. Also the reddish shade supports this assumption. It was painted in three ceramic colours (today partly only existing as residues) before firing. Ivory-coloured priming for the face, hazel for the brows, the eyes, the hair as well as for the details of the ear conch. Violet for the lips, the chain and the painted earrings. Nose and almond-shaped eyes display the strong influence of Ionic art to the archaic Caere.

The type corresponds to the late, developed type I according to Andrén. Bleecker Luce describes this as already larger and sharper in its plastic design than the earliest representatives of type I. Since the Egyptian-inspired hairstyle of this exemplar is not split above the forehead (this absence can possibly be attributed to wear of the mould) and also the archaic smile still seems to be pronounced, it does not belong to the last phase of the type but should rather be dated around mid of the 6th century.

Antefices of woman’s heads of type I from Caere are in close relation to the local Hera temple, just like the subsequent type II. Comparable pieces are e.g. in: Kurashiki Ninagawa Museum, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden or the University Museum in Philadelphia


23 cm


Private collection USA

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