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(developed type III after Andrén), Type A7 according to P.J. Riis
Caere, South-Etruscan 525-500 BC
Location: Cerveteri, possibly Hera Temple in Vigna Parrocchial

Clay. Shaped in a mould. Well preserved, late archaic antefix in the form of an oval female head with large, widely open, almond-shaped eyes and black pupil, full red lips, wavy black hair, shield earrings and a stylised red chain around the neck. Above the hair richly decorated stephane. The light-skinned face is elongated and tapers towards the pronounced chin. The hair seems curly, divided in the middle and falling behind the ears in Egyptian style on the shoulders. At the earlobes it carries a round earring on each side, dotted at the edges and in the middle. The eyes are remarkably large and the eyebrows elegantly curved. The mouth is small, but with large, full lips and a striking Cupid’s bow. Cheeks, chin and nose are fleshy. The clay of the terracotta is yellowish-red. Thanks to the excellent preservation, the splendid colourfulness comes into its own very well. A creamy beige foundation gives off the light skin colour.

Black for the hair, eyes, eyebrows, punctiform decoration of the shield earrings, outline drawing and punctiform decoration of the stephane, as well as the interior drawing of the ears. Red for the mouth, shield earrings, ears, stylised chain and stephaned decoration. The facial features and the splendid colours indicate the strong Greek-Ionic influence typical of the cosmopolitan Caere of the time.

This antefix has been pressed out of the mould as a whole. The hollow back shows the base of the attached, broken-off cover tile.

This antefix belongs to a developed late archaic type which occurs mainly in the area of today’s Cerveteri, the South-Etruscan Caere. It adorned the roof of a temple or other representative building. The density of finds of antefixes of this type is limited to the surroundings of the Hera Temple in the Vigna Parrochiale, of which nothing else is left today.


Catalogue Archéologie, 1988, Paris

Private property Switzerland before 1960
        Property Nina Borowski, Paris 1988
    Pierre Bergé Collection since 1989

Italy of the Etruscans
    Il luogo e il tempio di Hera a Cerveteri
    An etruscan antefix
    Idols, Masks, People – The Ebnöther Collection
    Three Female Head Antefixes from Etruria
    Antefixa Satricana


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