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Faliscan (320-300 BC)

Large Skyphos, a two-handled deep wine-cup, of Group I or H (Barbarano Group). Possibly also dated to 300-280 BC. To the left on the obverse, there is a woman’s head with a Greco-Roman kekryphalos hairstyle. On the reverse, there is an owl, also to the left. The decor and combination of a woman’s head and an owl are recognisable from Faliscan oinochoai, or wine jugs. The woman’s head is therefore reminiscent of the women’s heads depicted on the vases of the Barbarano Group. The owl has many equivalents in Faliscan vase painting.

These vases may also be influenced by Campanian skyphoi. This vase may be compared directly to the skyphos CVA Paris, Musee du Louvre 22.40, Pl.(1449) 17.5-8 The comparable examples which can also be found among the Barbarano Group, the Fluid Gruppe or the Full Sakkos Group originate for the most part from Tarquinia. The specimen held in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts supposedly originates from Cumae.

EUR 6,500

J. S. Collection, acquired in 1980. Exhibited at Tefaf Maastricht in 2016

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum


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