With a small selection of treasures we would like to prove that antique art does not necessarily have to be expensive. These objects are deemed to facilitate the start of a collection. The high demand of quality of our gallery of course also applies to this segment: For us, seamless proof of provenience is as important as our temporally unlimited guarantee of authenticity up to the full purchase sum. 




„Baltheus“ metal fitting
Roman (3rd century AD)

Plate with the head of Hippolyta
Apulian (2nd half of the 4th century BC)

Corinthian (5th century BC)

Bronze belt
Bronze age (13th/12th century BC) 

Staff of command
Bronze Age (14th/13th century BC)

Bracelet with spiral rings
Bronze Age (11th/10th century BC) 

Bronze statuette of Hercle  
Etruscan (3rd/2nd century BC)

Roman glasses
1st – 3rd century AD


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